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Ancient Wisdom and Multimedia Learning to Transform Modern Education

“In order to understand the Divine knowledge which creates life one needs to conduct self-investigations. However what good is such knowledge if it is not applied for the well-being of the world.”

Ancient Indian scriptures are filled with knowledge and wisdom to create a more balanced and harmonious life on the planet. Currently, this knowledge is missing in our education system. This knowledge can be imparted very effectively by using the currently available multimedia learning technologies and tools. Thus the vision of this seminar is to culivate inner awareness to understand the magnitude of the challenges faced by the society and find lasting solutions to address these challenges.

Call for papers

Original papers are invited from Academicians, Scholars, education administrators and policy makers in the following focused areas:

  1. Education – The Backbone of the Society
  • Current crisis in education – causes & remedies
  • Social and moral challenges created by modern education
  • Awakening the contemporary educators and policy makers
  • Aspirational youth: Freedom of choices


  1. Applied ancient wisdom for modern education
  • The role of five elements in creation
  • Ancient techniques to purify the human mind
  • Understanding spirituality and purpose of creation
  • Wellness through inter connectedness
  1. The Power of multimedia to transform education
  • Natural human learning channels
  • Effectiveness of multimedia technology in the learning process
  • The role of multimedia in medical and other professional education
  • Self – learning models in an emerging iCloud technology based education environment
  • Can high expenditure on education be abolished with Multimedia learning technologies?

Mentioned below are some more illustrative topics for the benefit of potential authors. The authors can choose variations of these with a focus on Transforming Education.

  1. The power of multimedia learning to transform education
  2. Cultivating integral humanism leadership
  3. The principle of cause and effect in nature and the law of karma
  4. The limitations of modern system of education
  5. Consciousness based learning
  6. Evolution and interconnectedness of all life
  7. The process of true learning and inner transformation
  8. Emerging flexible and self – learning education models
  9. Strategies for transforming modern education
  10. Harnessing the power of the mind or inner awakening
  11. Ancient values and management
  12. Ancient wisdom for sustainable development
  13. Contemporary management thoughts and ancient wisdom
  14. Integral humanism and leadership
  15. Social responsibility and ancient wisdom
  16. Toxic leadership in the context of Mahabharata.

Submission guidelines

Authors are requested to submit papers on the themes of the seminar listed in the areas above with the following guidelines:

  1. Kindly send abstract of the paper (in 250 words) along with a brief profile about the paper presenter (in about 500 words) and a passport size pic on or before 15th September, 2016.
  2. Full paper, with an abstract, not to exceed ten pages, single spaced, Times New Roman, font size 11, in word document, on or before 25th September, 2016 on the above mentioned mail id.
  3. Notification to the participant of paper acceptance before 30th September, 2016.
  4. Seminar presentations need to be prepared as power point slides.
  5. Shortlisted papers will be considered for publication.
  6. Mail your abstract and full papers to and
  7. A sample copy of the paper is also attached for your guidance.


Patron of Conference

Professor Yogesh Singh

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Delhi Technological University

Seminar Director

Dr. Ramanath Pandey

Secretary, InSIS & DRPSECT

Dr. Rajan Yadav

HOD, Delhi School of Management, DTU

Dr. G. C. Maheshwari

Professor, DSM-DTU

Former Head & Dean

M S university of Baroda

Co-ordinators of Conference

Dr. Shikha N. Khera

Assistant Professor, DSM-DTU

Mr. Sahil Malik

Research Scholar, DSM-DTU

Steering Committee

Dr. Ramanath Pandey

Secretary, InSIS & DRPSECT

Dr. G. C. Maheshwari

Professor, DSM-DTU

Prof. Jagdish Kohli

Ex-Bell Labs. Communication Research


Dr. Vinaya Ballakur

Consulting Ayurvedic Phyician,IIIT, Hyderabad

Dr. P. K. Suri

Professor, DSM-DTU

Dr. Vikas Gupta

Assistant Professor, DSM-DTU


Start Date - End Date

Oct 14, 2016 - Oct 15, 2016

Start Time - End Time

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Event Location

Delhi Technological University, New Delhi, 110042 India



Dr Ramanath Pandey



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