Ancient Wisdom & Multimedia learning Transforms Modern Education

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  1. Highlights of National Conference 2016

Ancient Wisdom & Multimedia learning Transforms Modern

Human beings are multilayered creatures created of the all-pervading Divine Energy. Our living
experience is defined by material, mental and spiritual planes of existence. The realization of the
connect with the divinity within and without has been the goal of ancient Indian wisdom. Over
the past many centuries humanity has drifted away from the spiritual plane of existence. As a
result of the disconnect with the spiritual energy, the baser instincts of the human society have
come to dominate the world that we inhabit. We find this disconnect manifested as ill will
between people, groups, social structures, communities and nations.

This Seminar will highlight the multitude of problems faced by the human society all across the
globe in modern times. It will bring together educators, scholars, administrators and policy
makers in an effort to establish a dialogue and explore means to establish the connect with the
spiritual plane of life. The principles derived from ancient wisdom from our scriptures would be
delved into for solutions towards a harmonious life. In a rapidly growing technological world,
education through multimedia cannot be over emphasized. The seminar endeavors to explore
the potential of interactive multimedia technologies in accelerating the process of individual
and global transformation.


Start Date - End Date

Mar 29, 2016 - Mar 29, 2016

Start Time - End Time

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Event Location

Campus of Open Learning C-2, Keshav Puram, University of Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi 110035 India




Dr Ramanath Pandey



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