First National Conference on Integrating Yoga in Modern Education

MS University Vadodara, Gujrat, India
March 21st, 2014 – March 23rd, 2014

Background: Education Scholars, philosophers, scientists, policy makers from all over India assembled at the M.S. University of Baroda, Vadodara for a three day intense conference on “Integrating Yoga in Modern Education”. The conference took place from March 21 st , 2014 to March 23 rd , 2014.

The conference was organized by Indian Society for Indic Studies (InSIS), managed by DR. Paramamitra Shastri Educational and Charitable Trust, Vadoadra and World Community Service Center (WCSC-VISION) for Wisdom Academy, Aliyar, Tamilnadu. The event was hosted by the Faculty of Social Work, a department of the Maharaja Sayajirao (MS) University of Baroda. The following vision and mission statements were established at the outset of planning this much needed and timely conference.


Vision of InSIS 2014: Our current education system predominantly promotes a materialistic and mechanized way of life. Bringing consciousness as the foundation addresses the need for a holistic system of education. Developing an educational model by integrating the ancient wisdom, science and practices of yoga-based on Ancient Indian Sastras- will transform and bring balance to the existing education. This paradigm shift impacts quality of all life on the planet. 


Mission of InSIS 2014: The conference aims at bringing together innovative thinkers and educators from arts, sciences, humanities, policy making, management, yoga, physical training etc. to interact and share ideas to design and develop an implementation plan for a unique Yoga Education Program with a basic standardized curriculum. Serving as an anchoring program, it must be linked with all other departments in any given institution. It will draw upon the successes and the challenges faced by some of the efforts underway in India to incorporate Yoga in education. It will use the latest multi-media interactive technology as an enabling arm. The issues coming out of the deliberations of this conference will determine the topics for future seminars.

The conference participants will explore a number of topics related to integration of yoga in education during the three days of conference including:

  • Limitations of modern education system
  • Exploring yoga solution to current crisis in education
  • Preparing the educators to introduce yoga at all levels of education
  • Yoga for the body, Mind & Soul
  • Yoga for living a balanced life


This conference was planned and executed by the following members of the steering committee:

Dr. Ramanath Pandey, Chairperson

Dr. Vijay Gupta (USA), Advisor

Dr. Jagdish Kohli (USA), Facilitator, Observer, Synthesizer

Ms. Uttara Nerurkar, Planner

Dr. Jagdish Solanki, Planner

Dr. S. Shanthi, Planner

Ms. Surbhi Verma, Planner


For more information please go through attachment below:

ISIS 2014 Conference Highlights
ISIS 2014 Conference Recommendations
Proposal to incorporate Science of Life at MSU