List of Speakers

 First List of Speakers ( InSIS 2016 )

Ancient Wisdom and Multimedia Learning to Transform Modern Education


Sl. No. Name/ Designation and Institution Title of the Paper
1. Dr. Anil Maheshwari,

Associate Professor of Management Information Systems (MIS) at

Maharishi University of Management, USA, Contact:512-422-6644

Consciousness-based education: A modern approach to bridge Vedic science and Modern science


2. Prof. Nitin. J. Vyas

Former Professor and Head- Deptt of Philosophy and Dean, Faculty of Arts,

The M.S. University of Baroda,



The Educational challenge and The Destiny of Man


3. Dr. Amal Kumar Harh

Professor & Head,

Department of Philosophy Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University

Vivekananda Street

Cooch Behar, Bengal, India)

Ancient Wisdom in Modern Education


4. Dr. Vinaya Ballakur

Consulting Ayurvedic Phyician,IIIT, Hyderabad,



Dr. J.S.R.A. Prasad

Head & Associate Professor, Department of Sanskrit Studies, School of Humanities, University of Hyderabad,


Interconnected Perception of Life: Well-Being through Ayurveda


5. Prof. Balaganapathi Devarakonda

Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi, Delhi.



Impact of Globalization on Education: Place of Knowledge, Learner, Teacher and Infrastructure


6. Dr. S. Letchoumanane

Director, Research and Development,

Temple of Consciousness,

Aliyar-642101, Pollachi TK


Ph: 04253-288552



Harnessing the Power of the Mind for Inner Awakening


7. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Pandey

Associate Professor,

Physics Department,

Kirori Mal College.

University of Delhi, Delhi -110 007

Mobile: 9811170889



Law of Causality and Idea of Time in the Theory of Karma


8. Dr. Jagdish Kohli, Ph.D.,

Ex-Bell Labs. Communication Research Scientist San Ramon, CA, USA,

E-mail :


Multimedia Learning Transcends Materialistic & Superficial Living


9. Dr . Mukesh Maru

Director : MTM Convent School



Effectiveness of Multimedia Technology in the Learning Process


10. Dr. Vaibhav Soni

Principal -Sadguru Sankalp School and College of Computer Education

Anandpur ,Lateri Dist Vidhisha



Current Crisis in Education – Causes & Remedies

11. S.R. Krishna Murthy

Chennai, Tamilnadu



Vedas the only anti-dote to all the ills that plague the Education


12. Dr Ravi P Bhatia

Educationist and Environmentalist

Retired Professor, Delhi University


Using Forests for TeachingEnvironmental Values


13. Dr. Jaidev Dasgupta, ESC of New England, USA


Ancient Wisdom, Modern Education
14. Prof G C Maheshwari

Emeritus Professor, School of

Management Studies,, Delhi Technological University,

Shahabad Dairy, Delhi

Ancient Wisdom and Management
15. Prof Sachindra

Dept.of English, Ex-Registrar BNMU Madhepura  (Retired), Bihar


Ms Shlesha Sachindra

Senior Research fellow,

Department of Sanskrit,

Vishva Bharati Santiniketan, Culcutta, WB

Dynamic Nature of Education & Its Ills in the Modern Era


16. Dr. Ramanath Pandey

Research Officer, Oriental Institute of the M S University of Baroda, Gujarat


Ancient Wisdom Learning through Multimedia

Transforms Modern Education


17. Dr. Ajay Kumar Mishra

Assistant Prof.

Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan

56-57 Institutinoal Area, Janakpuri

New Delhi, Pin – 110058

Mob. 9968303243


Sanskrit and Globalization:The Role of Multimedia
18. Dr. Ajay Jha

Assistant Professor,

Satyawati College,

University of Delhi, Delhi


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