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  1. Highlights of National Conference 2016

InSIS National Seminar (March 2016)


Ancient Wisdom and Multimedia Learning to Transform Modern Education

(29th March 2016)

Organized by Indian Society for Indic Studies(InSIS)

Managed by (DRPSECT), Regd.

Collaborating with COL, Delhi University

Venue: COL, Keshav Puram, New Delhi 110035


3rd National Seminar of Indian Society for Indic Studies(InSIS)2016

The Organizing Committee of InSIS cordially invites you to participate in the 3rd National Seminar of Indian Society for Indic Studies(InSIS) at Delhi on 29th March 2016. The main theme of Seminar is Ancient Wisdom & Multimedia Learning Transforms Modern Education.

Human beings are multilayered creatures created of the all-pervading Divine Energy. Our living experience is defined by material, mental and spiritual planes of existence. The realization of the connect with the divinity within and without has been the goal of ancient Indian wisdom. Over the past many centuries humanity has drifted away from the spiritual plane of existence. As a result of the disconnect with the spiritual energy, the baser instincts of the human society have come to dominate the world that we inhabit. We find this disconnect manifested as ill will between people, groups, social structures, communities and nations.

This seminar will highlight the multitude of problems faced by the human society all across the globe in modern times. It will bring together educators, scholars, administrators and policy makers in an effort to establish a dialogue and explore means to establish the connect with the spiritual plane of life. The principles derived from ancient wisdom from our scriptures would be delved into for solutions towards a harmonious life. In a rapidly growing technological world, education through multimedia cannot be over emphasized. The seminar endeavours to explore the potential of interactive multimedia technologies in accelerating the process of individual and global transformation.

Vision statement:

Satyam jnanam-anusandhanaya.Jnyanam tu kimartham yadi na hitaya”

In order to understand the Divine knowledge which creates life one needs to conduct self-investigations. However, what good is such knowledge if it is not applied for the well-being of the world.

Our society is currently going through turbulent times and is facing a host of growing problems such as corruption, violence, planet pollution, lawlessness, poverty, disease, uncontrollable healthcare costs and youth unemployment and underemployment. The root of all these problems is the type of formal and informal education imparted to the citizens all around the globe.

Ancient Indian scriptures are filled with knowledge and wisdom to create a more balanced and harmonious life on the planet. Currently this knowledge is missing in our education system. This knowledge can be imparted very effectively by using the currently available multimedia learning technologies and tools. Thus the vision of this seminar is to cultivate inner awareness to understand the magnitude of the challenges faced by the society and find lasting solutions to address these challenges.

Emergence of Multimedia Learning Technologies

Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic sensory perceptions create channels of knowledge in our minds. Over ninety percent of our daily learning happens through visual and auditory senses.

  • Visual Printed Material, Images, Video, Animation, Facial Expressions (What is seen)
  • Auditory – Spoken Words, Sounds, Music. (What is heard and said)
  • Kinaesthetic Movement, Action, Emotions, Smell, Taste (What is felt).

A perfect alignment exists between natural learning channels and multimedia content delivery channels. One of the most significant contributions of the modern scientific education is the evolution of a multitude of Multimedia Learning Technologies. The key attributes of these technologies include:

  1. Using more than one media to absorb knowledge also known as Multimedia Learning.
  2. Sharing & absorbing knowledge via Multimedia include; text, speech, data, image, animation, video, color, music etc.
  3. Interactive Multimedia actively involves the participants by providing control on the contents/media creating joyous and focused learning.
  4. Multimedia audio-visual elements of learning penetrate deep into the layers of the subconscious improving retention and efficiency of learning.
  5. Multimedia Presentations enrich multisensory learning

The Ancient Wisdom from Scriptures:

The ancient scriptures mention about holistic worldviews including moral duties and respect for all life. These provide guidelines about the organization of the human society. The Ancient Wisdom has thought-provoking insights in addressing various challenges faced by our contemporary globalized society. A guideline on how to lead a life of harmony is documented in many scriptures. These scriptures provide a record of experiential reality of cosmic intelligence as personified by many sages and saints from time immemorial. Potential areas of ancient knowledge with relevance to providing succor in today’s turbulent world include:

  • The Mysteries of Creation and the Creator
  • Evolution of the Universe
  • The Five Elemental s existence
  • The Macrocosm & Microcosm of Creation
  • The Principle of Trinity
  • The Tridoshas & Trigunas in Nature
  • The Self-Healing Human Body
  • Yoga & Meditation for Body, Mind & Spirit
  • The Purpose of Human Life
  • The Importance of Liberation
  • The Wholeness of Life
  • The Wisdom of Living in the Present Moment

Living by moral values, as described in scriptures, creates a satvic life-style.
Thus the ancient scriptures provide us with knowledge to raise the level of human consciousness to effectively solve problems of illiteracy, poverty, disease, corruption, rape, lawlessness, pollution and terrorism.

The Power of Multimedia to Illuminate the Ancient Wisdom:

In order to disseminate material and spiritual knowledge effectively a number of Inter-active multimedia technologies are available today. These technologies work in concert with the natural human learning channels of hearing, seeing and touching. The proper use of these technologies creates individual inspired self-learning opportunities. This new paradigm of learning promotes and brings out the best in every participant in the education process.

Being unaware of the innate spirituality in all of creation human beings have drifted away from this knowledge and created a negative field of energy around themselves over the past few centuries this is causing chaos right from the individual level to the community and the national level in a global society. Multimedia technology acts as a reflection of the mind and displays the negative energy in the form of disordered vibrations on the multimedia access device. This motivates the seeker of cosmic wisdom to take corrective action to advance on the spiritual path of life. The following points summarize this cause and effect process in unlocking and illuminating the ancient wisdom:

  • Negative thoughts of anger, greed, lust, attachment and Ego etc. have been cultivated in the human mind by living in unawareness.
  • These thoughts are released in the form of stress thus disturbing the equanimity of the Mind.
  • This field of energy also blocks the flow of Life Energy through our Mind.
  • Eliminating this negative field of energy is the first step towards Inner Transformation.
  • The negative vibrations of this energy field can be observed by the use of multimedia technology.
  • This has the power of accelerating the process of Inner Awakening & True Learning

The ancient scriptures give proper guidance for all round development in one’s life. It unlocks innate human creativity much needed in the global society to solve contemporary problems. The transformative power of True knowledge learned through interactive multimedia brings a balance in material and spiritual living. In addition, students educated under this new paradigm will serve as a source of light and inspiration to show us the right path to a peaceful, sustainable and harmonious all-round development.

The following topics/sub-theme will be dealt with at the seminar:

  1. The Principles of Ancient Indian wisdom
  2. The role of five elements in creation
  3. Ancient Techniques to purify the human mind
  4. Raising the level of human consciousness
  5. The Power of Observation
  6. Power of Interactive Multimedia Learning Technologies
  7. Multimedia in Yoga and Education
  8. Educating the educators and policy makers
  9. Value Based Management
  10. Ancient Wisdom and Management Technology

This knowledge will be disseminated by a series of thought provoking presentations, interactive discussions, expert panel sessions and follow-up recommendations.