InSIS 2016


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  1. Highlights of National Conference 2016


A two Day National Seminar (2016)


Ancient Wisdom and Multimedia Learning to Transform Modern Education

(sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research, ICPR, Delhi)

Organized by Indian Society for Indic Studies(InSIS)

Managed by (DRPSECT), Regd.

Venue: Delhi Technological University, Delhi 110042

4th National Seminar of Indian Society for Indic Studies(InSIS)2016

Human beings are multilayered creatures created of the all-pervading Divine Energy. Our living experience is defined by material, mental and spiritual planes of existence. The realization of the connect with the divinity within and without has been the goal of ancient Indian wisdom. Over the past many centuries humanity has drifted away from the spiritual plane of existence. As a result of the disconnect with the spiritual energy, the baser instincts of the human society have come to dominate the world that we inhabit. We find this disconnect manifested as ill will between people, groups, social structures, communities and nations.


Vision statement:

Ancient Indian scriptures are filled with knowledge and wisdom to create a more balanced and harmonious life on the planet. Currently, this knowledge is missing in our education system. This knowledge can be imparted very effectively by using the currently available multimedia learning technologies and tools. Thus the vision of this seminar is to cultivate inner awareness to understand the magnitude of the challenges faced by the society and find lasting solutions to address these challenges.

The Society

The Indian Society for Indic studies (InSIS) managed by Dr. Paramamitra Shastri Education and Charitable Trust, DRPSECT (Regd.) strives to bring together the scholars, experts, professionals and students from all walks of life to share their thoughts and knowledge on ancient Indian Scriptures and their applicability in various fields of modern education and research. The society is working proactively since 2011 and has successfully organized national and international conferences and seminars in the past to impart knowledge and wisdom to the world.

About DTU

Delhi Technological University (DTU), is created by transforming Delhi College of Engineering to a state unitary university. It offers courses in Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Master of Technology (M.Tech.), Master of Science (M.Sc.), Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and has 14 academic departments with a strong emphasis on scientific and technological education and research.


Delhi School of Management (DSM) was established in 2009 to train its students to face the challenges of an information and knowledge driven work environment, DSM provides them with the Triple E: Education, Experience and Exposure. DSM strives to inculcate in its students the managerial competence through specialized knowledge and skills, while simultaneously empowering their minds through quality teaching, consultancy, and other professional services in order to fulfill its role of a vibrant and model institution capable of imparting quality education in the area of Management Studies. DSM envisions at developing a knowledge society by providing equitable access to the masses and broadening the span of their participation in the areas of higher education.

About the Seminar

The aim of the seminar is to bring together educators, scholars, administrators and policy makers in an effort to establish a dialogue and explore the means to establish a society based on respect for all. The principles derived from ancient wisdom from our scriptures would be the guiding force in exploring the solutions to attain a peaceful life. In this vivid technological world, education through multimedia cannot be over emphasized. The seminar look to explore the potential of interactive multimedia technologies in accelerating the process of individual and global transformation.

Call for papers

Original papers are invited from Academicians, Scholars, education administrators and policy makers in the following focused areas

    • Social and moral challenges created by modern education
    • Awakening the contemporary educators and policy makers
    • Aspirational youth: Freedom of choices.
  1. Applied ancient wisdom for modern education
    • The role of five elements in creation
    • Ancient techniques to purify the human mind
    • Understanding spirituality and purpose of creation
    • Wellness through inter connectedness
  2. The Power of multimedia to transform education
    • Natural human learning channels
    • Effectiveness of multimedia technology in the learning process
    • The role of multimedia in medical and other professional education
    • Can high expenditure on education be abolished with Multimedia learning technologies?
    1. The power of multimedia learning to transform education