Practicing Integral Humanism Seminar/Workshop

The 2 day-Seminar/Workshop on “Practicing Integral Humanism”  Beloved Leader Pt. DeenDayal Upadhyay.

Venue: The Faculty of Management, the M S University of Baroda

Dates: 22 & 23rd November 2014


Purpose Statement:

The main purpose of this event is to inspire the faculty and students at MSU to follow in the foot-steps of an Integral Humanism icon and learn the principles of holistic humanism and techniques to practice these every day for personal well-being and society’s well-being.



Pundit Deendayal Upadhyaya (September 25, 1916 – February 11, 1968) was a great leader. He was a philosopher, economist, social reformer and political thinker He was a revered icon of Integral Humanism. He was a dynamic visionary and above all the driving force for an alternative model of local/national governance and politics. Pt. Upadhyaya’spractice of Integral Humanism was based on ancient Indian wisdom. He followed the tradition of Advaita(non-dualism) followed by Shankaracarya. The non-dualism presents the unifying principle of every phenomena of the universe of which humankind is a constituent.


There is an urgent need to learn and practice Integral Humanism as we have largely become a part of fractured and fragmented Humanism. This breakdown of Humanism has also led to many social and moral problems faced by the society today because state and crony   capitalism have failed as instruments of development.



This Seminar/Workshop is open to all faculty members and students at MSU. Invited speakers and Seminar facilitators are professionals in their area of expertise and have a long track record of excellence.


Day one

Tentative Schedule:

Session 1: Inaugural Session: Learning from the Life of Pt.DeenDayal Upadhyaya


11:00 A.M. Invocation & Welcome

11:30 A.M. Inaugural Address – His Excellency Dr. Om Prakash Kohli ,Governor of Gujarat State

12:30 PM Keynote Address – Dr.  Pavitrananda Brahmachari  (Mahamahopadhyay )
Mahant & Chairman Shree Gangnath Sansthan Ashram Trust Shree Gangnath Mahadev Ashram, Chandod , Dabhoi, Vadodara (Quantum Science & Integral Humanism)

1.30 P M Chairman Address: Professor Yogesh Singh, VC

Lunch Break: 2-PM


Session 2: Overview of Integral Humanism & Fragmented Humanism


Dr.   G C Goswami – Learning Principles of Integral Humanism from Ancient


Dr. Rajvir Sharma         – Fractured & Fragmented Humanism and its


Dr. Ramanath Pandey       – Process of Cultivating Integral Humanism


Day 2

Session 3: Applications of Principles of Integral Humanism to solve contemporary problems


 Dr. Bajrang Lal Gupta – Integral Humanism-an alternative model  for development

Prof.G. C. Maheshwari- Integral Humanism in Management – A new Direction

Dr. Rajvir Sharma  -Integral humanism and Social Development


Lunch Break:1 -2 PM


Session 4: Key Learning & Recommendations.


Panel Discussion on: Importance of Practicing Integral Humanism



  1. Prof G C Maheshwari
  2. Prof. Rajvir Sharma – Moderator
  3. Dr. Bajrang Lal Gupta
  4.  Dr. R. Pandey


The panel will summarize the key areas covered in the Seminar and their relevance in lifting the Quality-of-Life of society in general and spefecific recommendations for the policy makers to use the paradigm of Integral Humanism. It will explore ways to bring awareness of Integral Humanism practices to all MSU administration, teaching faculty and students.Students graduating with this foundation will become life-long asset for the society.

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